Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Adventures in failure.

When i was younger, somewhere in my teens i wanted to make games. Which i can only assume was curiosity in an attempt to make the games i already have better. So modding. But the best i ever got was editing the Rules.ini file from my C&C games. There were instances where i got 3dsMax, but the interface was difficult and this was early 2000's and the internet was not as pervasive to day. So any tutorials were found on forums and often poorly written. Then i attempted to do a basic game in just text or graphics packages that come with or downloadable for various languages. That went no where, i dont know why i though that i would be able to self teach programming and then be able to use this package.  And once again, the same problems i encountered with 3dsMax occurred again with programming.

Then after this i came across a few engines, but lack of documentation tutorials made them unusable. A few years later, lots of sketches, plot lines, dialogue, idea, character development i came across Unity in university. I think this was Unity 2.0? There was some issue with the tutorial because of some issues with the download. So, i bailed. A year later, Unity was at 4.? version. I decided to go at it again. I found a well developed tutorial. I ended up finishing it half way in a night. It was easy to use and its initiative design made productivity flow. Finally, finally i can start making games. And it so convenient to have Unity, the asset store has almost every thing i need, there is a helpful question section, and a well backed user community that published their works, projects, code and the like. Currently im working on an RPS, similar to stalker in terms of weapons limitation, inventory management, a few perks that the player can learn.

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