Thursday, May 14, 2015

Current Project: Tinker: Story/Style.

I plan on creating a technical document on this using the doom bible template for a more comprehensive understanding.

Millisecond plot: An amnesic woman wakes in a dank bunker and is advised to find Tinker(a scourge) in a possibility to recover her memories.

Back plot:  50 years after alien contact the locations they have visited are quarantined and use as areas of study due to anomalies discovered in the area. The game is set 10 years after a particular location and research facility called the Institute has come under distress, wherein all people living and working were vanished. The Institute ordered the areas be walled off and for research to continue by only allowing authorized individuals in. Their movements are restricted to the outer edges they rely on the Barmen to get them the data, artifacts, relics left behind by the visitors and the first researchers. To do this, the Barmen rely on the multitude of fortune seekers that roam across the landscape.

Style/Dynamics: We have the first person aspect, but we also add in the need to manage hunger, thirst, radiation, nerve exposure, sleep levels, loot weight, inventory management. The player is limited to only three slots for three weapons. There are hidden perks in the game such as health regeneration, dual wielding, better accuracy.

Length: There are two Acts. Act I focuses on finding certain NPCs that were affiliated with Tinker. Act II  is about breaching the Ghost Wall to raid X-86 and find Tinker.

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