Saturday, May 9, 2015

Current Project: Tinker

So, this is the first actual game i have started working on. Prior to this its all be a string of failures. Not making them, trying to find the methods to do so. Currently the main thing i am doing is working in a debug room to test scripts, ideas, level design and just Unity's features. There was a serious problem during the later part of last year. My laptop had a HDD failure, after fixing it the frame rate dropped, Unity lagged massively, hung and froze too much. A few months ago i built a pc. After successfully moving the main file over to Unity 5 it was amazing. The debug room was vivid, lush, colorful, there was detail and depth to the terrain and the lights were atmosphere(though they needed more work). It was a nice pick me up after seeing it run on a good machine.

Now, im searching for assets and trying to figure out where i left off. The project hierarchy is just disorganized, lots of old scripts i used as reference, its difficult to see which ones i was working on and which were test files. I hope to fix the main few scripts and polish the debug room. Ill post screen shots and go in depth more on the technical aspects and the i guess story line of the project in a later post.

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