Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fuck Compilers

Seriously, fuck compilers, the error messages are way to technical, vague and archaic. Programming is being democratized in many ways, but why are the error messages still so difficult to understand, especially for those of us who are ESL. I blame oversight on the developers closed off in their fields of smug, pretentious technical knowledge assuming that everyone will get it or they are just cunts about it and dont care or pay attention. Side note, a tutorial is coming hopefully tomorrow night. Having to deal with a damn script linking to a script issues which Unity/C# is just abysmally awful at. After that i have another half way done using build in animations and scripting them, then after that a Mecanim one. Ive also been side tracked with more day job work, and rooting a nexus, speaking of which. Rooting is a pain, people just can not write or communicate their ideas well. Nobody understands audience. Nobody! My self included.