Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Concept art for an unnamed fantasy world.

I want to make a RPG game as well. I want this to be something new and fresh. I want it to be large and expansive, with many factions, side quests, plots and sub plots. The idea is heavily inspired by The Elder Scrolls and the Diablo series, but draws heavily from our history.

The game would feature the usual, dwarves, orcs, humans, elves, and with in those groups would be sub groups and sub groups. For example under Elves there would be the usual Dark Elves and with in that region would be Shadow Elves, and Ask Kin. The skin tone would vary from dark plue to dark purple to dark blue grey. Their societies would be similar but also have their diffrences, the voices, weapons, and so on would also vary between the groups.

The game would be set in a time where small strides have been made in mechanization, industrialization. As a result a rift between the secular forces and the believers of the old gods grows. During this you the player come across an enigmatic woman who becomes your companion. As the plot progresses she becomes more and more of a central figure in your life and the events of the game.

Races: Elves(Dark, Alter, Forest), Orcs(great, mid, lesser), Humans(Men of the North, South and West), Dwarves(Mountain, highland)Goblins/Hobgoblins, Djin, Daemons, Kinoly, Titans, Giants, Furies, Wraiths, Harpies.

As for the various deities in the game they come in two forms, actual deities, or mortals who achieved dietetic powers. Both can be killed with the rightful steps taken. Though in the game there is very little of that.

Weapons: You have the usual melee weapons and bows, but with the industrialization you have projectile based weapons and arrow based called brim bow, brim bolt, brim shot. The brim part is the reactive stone found in the Human home land, used to fuel the industrialization efforts.

Spells: come in both, protective, conjuration, destructive and passive. To obtain spells you must either decipher a book on a spell, collect the words associated with it, pay for teaching and so on.
For those not magic inclined finding stones with glyph or pages inscribed with them (glyph scrolls) will imbue your weapon or armors, as for the glyph scrolls depending on what their classification is will float and act as a follower. So picture a floating page shooting lightning.

As for naming the cities, villages and names of the various races i plan on borrowing from long dead human languages or obscure enigmatic ones: Aramaic, Old Avestan, Sumerian, Elemite, Basque, Neshite.

A lot of the architecture for the cities are inspired by Zoroastrian, Cyclopic, American Native groups, Etruscan, Nubian, Hittite, Assyrian.


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