Monday, October 12, 2015

Tinker: Weapon List; Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Melee: Version 2

Colt M1911A .45ACP
An antiquated weapon found in decent numbers. Usually carried by more veteran members in the zone. Preferred for its caliber, damage, resistance to elements and ease of maintenance.
Glock 19 9x19mm
Commonly found in the area, by almost all persons not affiliated with security forces. Simple design means less jams, chambered in the 9x19mm the weapon is a good choice due to the over abundance of that caliber. Has full auto feature.
M9 9x19mm
Standard issue to security forces. Has higher damage and better accuracy, lacks full auto. Usually found on the lower ranking members. Fetches a good price and uses a common ammo round.
Sig P227 .45ACP
Standard issue to security forces.Found on higher ranking members, all the features of the Colt but with better condition and the added options of attaching mods.Compact and lightweight.
Markov 9x18mm
Antiquated weapon found in plentiful numbers greater than the Glock. A good starter weapon of fall back weapon when the more modern fire arms fail. Using a rarer caliber dimension makes this weapon unstable in the long run.
AK-47U 7.62x39mm
Preferred by seasoned members due to its compact nature, and high damage, the shorter barrel gives a wider spread and less accuracy. Often used for raiding facilities as the spread is good for crowd control.
AK-47 7.62x39mm
The iconic weapon used by a few members due to its limited numbers. High damage, high rate of fire, inaccurate, great for long range and mutants.
AK-74 5.45x39mm
More common that the AK-47, its chambered in a weaker but plentiful round, but its accuracy and high rate of fire make it a preferred weapon by many over the M4A1.
AK-12 5.45x39mm
Rare to find, this next gen uses a newer caliber and is speculated to be carried by security teams past the Ghost Gate. Accuracy, mid damage but a high rate of fire with durability makes it a valuable weapon.
SCAR 5.56x45mm
Commonly found with security forces, this new generation weapon is durable, light, accurate despite using an antiquated bullet. Rare to find unless fighting security members, goes for a great price.
M4A1 5.56x45m
Found by almost all members that have made some money, the compact rifle offers attachments, accuracy and decent rate of fire.
G36C 5.56x39mm
Found on seasoned members this weapons compactness and accuracy make it a preferred weapon for raids, the integrated scope is an added benefit to those with steady hands using semi auto.
SPAS 12ga
Hard to find, this weapon was designed  for police usage. It found its way in the area due to arms sales. High fire rate, a high damage, reliably built, the weapon is used by those who have it for hunting, and infiltration.
Remington 380 10ga
Easy to find, this weapon is a staple as a secondary weapon for many jumpers, seasoned or not. It often comes with rails and can be customized(flashlight, suppressor, holographic sight) making it a versatile weapon.
SVD 7.62x54R
Used in small numbers by Voluntary faction , this weapon is well built, highly accurate, and packs a punch with its 7.62 rounds. Ammunition is hard to find making it impractical for prolonged expeditions. 
Hisu Knife Composite
Manufactured in japan from high carbon steel supported by carbon nanotubules in a honeycomb lattice the Hisu knife is almost un-breakable, able to withstand high heat, and holds its edge so well that it does not need to be sharpened. It can easily cut through all armor, and slash limbs and appendages with minimal resistance.

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